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Season 2 ~ April 4th - April 7th

What is it?

A sustainable fashion and art event catered to the everyday person with the goal of contributing to the growth of both of these communities in Richmond, VA, as well as provide a platform for local creatives to showcase their talents and be encouraged to find greater community with one another.

ReVitAlize Muhfucka.png

The ReVitAlize logo featuring Richmond's native flower, the iris, was designed by tattoo artist Maddy Abed


Fashion shows centered around designers that promote sustainable practices such as upcycling, vintage curating/thrifting, patchwork, and much more, with the mindset of pushing the envelope in terms of what a fashion production can look like.

Videography ~ Sapience Productions


Exhibiting the unique talents of various styles of art including sculpting, poetry, musical performances, painting, graphic design, dancing, and more to create a blended artistic experience for the community.

Performers ~ Kevin Gaines Trio

Live Painter ~ Tommy Fox

Videography ~ Sapience Productions


Through showcasing artists and designers that use sustainably sourced materials and/or utilize sustainable practices that can reduce the environmental and cultural impact of common detrimental practices such as Fast Fashion, we can not only enhance the dialogue surrounding these issues, but can also promote how these practices can expand both our wallets and wardrobes.

Model ~ Jessica Baiza

Designer ~ Trashy to Classy

Photography ~ Wade Hysell

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